Service Credit


Service credit is based on actual hours worked, excluding any overtime. The following types of service credit, if purchased, can count toward a member’s total service credit:

  • Redeposit of prior membership contributions
  • Prior ineligible service such as extra help, temporary, seasonal or hourly
  • Medical Leave (personal illness not to exceed 12 consecutive months)

Military Leave is also a service credit. Members who re-sign to enter military service must re-enter employment within one year of termination of military service. Employees who take a leave of absence for military service must return to Merced County service within one year of separating from military service to be eligible for purchase.

Sick Leave

At retirement your sick leave balance may be converted into years of service for retirement purposes only. Please review your bargaining unit Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to determine what can be applied to retirement. You may be eligible to convert your sick leave balance into retirement years of service credit, depending on your MOU and if you retire directly from an MercedCERA participating employer (deferred and Merced Cemetery District members are not eligible to convert sick leave hours into retirement service credit). Sick leave balances converted into retirement service credit are not used to determine eligibility for retirement.