How to Retire


Gather Your Supporting Documents

MercedCERA will need copies of your important documents such as your birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), the birth certificate of your beneficiary and any divorce papers or divorce decree (if applicable).  If you do not have any of these documents, please call our office at 209-726-2724 to discuss other options for your retirement. 

Request A Formal Estimate

MercedCERA recommends that you request a retirement estimate within six months of your estimated retirement date.  We also recommend getting two estimates for two different retirement dates.  Please note that all estimates are not exact and after your retirement paperwork has been accepted and processed, you will be provided with a contract that states your exact retirement amount and your retirement options.  A retirement estimate may be requested by filling out the Retirement Estimate Request form.

Submit your Application For Service Retirement

Once you have decided on your exact retirement date, please request a complete packet for retirement from the MercedCERA office.