Post Retirement


1.After retirement, will working outside of an MercedCERA participating employer affect my retirement?

No. Post-retirement employment outside the framework of MercedCERA participating employers will not affect payment of your retirement allowance.

2. Can I return to work for an MercedCERA participating employer after I retire?

If you wish to work for any of the MercedCERA participating employers after you retire, you cannot be paid for your work unless you are working in the following capacity:
– As an election officer
– As a field deputy for registration of voters
– As an independent contractor
– As a juror
– As a member of the Board of Retirement

Or in a position that requires special knowledge and skills that you have. Please note that if you retire on a disability you cannot return to work for an MercedCERA participant employer under any condition except a juror, unless sections 31725.65 or 31730 apply. Contact MercedCERA for more information.

3.How many hours am I allowed to work if I choose to return to a MercedCERA participating employer in the above positions?

You cannot be paid for more than 120 working days or 960 hours (whichever is greater) per fiscal year for any post-retirement work you do for an MercedCERA participating employer.

4.Can I return to work as a full time or variable shift employee?

No. If you return to work as a permanent or variable shift employee you must notify our office as soon as possible. We will stop your retirement and it will not be reinstated until after you retire for the second time. You will be liable for any retirement benefits that were paid to you during re-employment (full time or variable shift), so it is critical that you notify our office if you return to a MercedCERA participating employer as a permanent employee.

5.Do I have to notify MercedCERA if my beneficiary predeceases me even if they are not going to receive a continuance after my death?

Yes, you must notify MercedCERA if your beneficiary passes away regardless of the option you choose.

6.I’m retired. When will I get the information I need from MercedCERA to file my taxes?

MercedCERA mails a Form 1099-R to all retirees, survivors, and beneficiaries each year by the end of January. The Form 1099-R reports all the income you received from MercedCERA during the previous year.

7.How long do I have to wait after retirement before returning to work for an MercedCERA participating employer in the acceptable positions?

Please refer to our Returning to Work After Retirement page.