Each year MercedCERA provides members with a 1099-R form that contains information on the benefits paid to members by MercedCERA in the prior calendar year. Box 1 of the 1099-R, labeled “Gross Distribution,” contains the total amount of the retirement benefits paid in the prior year. MercedCERA mails 1099-Rs to benefit recipients in late January. The 2023 1099-Rs were mailed on January 25th. If members need a replacement 1099-R, please contact MercedCERA after February 15th and allow 3-4 days for delivery.

MercedCERA will only reissue a revised 1099-R form if MercedCERA made an error and the error must be corrected. 1099-Rs that are issued in a year in which the service-connected disability retirement is granted will reflect non-taxable benefits prospectively from the date such service-connected disability is granted and no retroactive adjustments will be made to 1099-Rs for prior tax years.