Tax Form Changes

Updated forms now required

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Retirees are required to provide MercedCERA their federal and state withholding instructions at the time of their initial retirement. Updates to the withholding instructions could be made at any time by submitting an internally created tax change form.

However, due to changes in tax law, the IRS issued requirements for redesigned federal tax withholding forms to be used for both monthly pensions and one-time payments and rollovers. Therefore, because of this IRS requirement, MercedCERA will no longer accept the previous internal tax change form after December 15, 2022 and will require for both state and federal tax forms to be used.

The new IRS W-4P tax withholding form is far more complex than MercedCERA’s form. Retirees may need to seek tax advice before submitting updated tax forms. 

If you have questions, please call the MercedCERA main office line at 209-726-2724.